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    The website showcases a selection of our wide range of products.
    There are many possibilities and a variety which we can offer to make a product match your interior. 
    Next to this we offer bespoke options, designes exclusively made for you.
    We are happy to think along and advice in the best possible way.
    Delivery time can vary from 1 to 12 weeks, depending on your requirements.


    Every product can be customised according to customer requirements.


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    The crossing of different tones of grey, smoother or darker, gave to birth this artistic art panel. This Cross Grey surface is based on the use of acrylic colors assortment and resin materials which blended with digital art and handmade techniques allows the creation of distinctive elements and repeated patterns. The art panels can be customized through graphic and handmade artistic touches and created in different sizes to create unique ambiences for the bathroom. This surface works really well with marble bathroom furniture due to is tones that resembled the Carrara marble effect.

    MATERIALS    2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond., Available in two finishes: Flat or Dripping., Digital Print using UV Colors. Surface layered with transparent, waterproof and UV resistant epoxy resin.       
    WIDTH    149 cm | 58,66”       
    DEPTH    0.4 cm | 0.15”       
    HEIGHT    300 cm | 118,11″    





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